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The fact that a significant percentage of the adult population of Latvia does not enjoy voting rights represents a continuing democratic deficit. - OSCE/ODIHR
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1"Case-law of the Latvian Constitutional Court: bailout and the principle of legitimate expectations" - Submission of LHRC secretary A. Kuzmins at the conference "The legal impact of the European 'debt' crisis" in Athens, May 21, 2011
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2"Hate crimes and response to them in Latvia. 2010", LHRC submission for OSCE Hate Crimes Report
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3Statement of the Human rights group of the Council of non-governmental organisations of Latvia "Elections and referenda in Latvia do not correspond to democratic standards" 23.07.2011.
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4Letter of 3 NGOs on non-implementation of recommendations to grant non-citizens of Latvia voting rights in local elections, given by EU, UN, OSCE and Council of Europe bodies
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