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The fact that a significant percentage of the adult population of Latvia does not enjoy voting rights represents a continuing democratic deficit. - OSCE/ODIHR
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LHRC news  first quarter of 2014




January, 15 – LHRC secretary-executive A. Kuzmins represents the applicants before the Supreme Court in a landmark case on blocking a popular initiative (intended to reduce statelessness) by the Central Election Committee (case decided in favour of CEC in February).


February, 18 – participation (with a speech) by LHRC co-chair V. Buzajevs at the conference “Native tongue as a sustainer of a culture” (Riga).


March, 3 – participation (with a speech) by LHRC co-chair V. Buzajevs at the international conference “National minority education in interwar Latvia, 1920-1940” (Moscow).


March, 4 – Press conference organised by LHRC in Riga. Among other issues, it includes presentation of LHRC-made Latvian-language translation of AEDH manifesto "For a Europe of Human Rights".


March, 6 – Administrative District Court adopts a judgment in favour of the applicant in a case on writing personal names in identity documents (the litigation is led to implement UN Human Rights Committee views in LHRC-led case Raihman v. Latvia, communication No. 1621/2007, adopted in 2010). The case is led by LHRC member A. Dimitrovs; the applicant L. Raihman is a member of LHRC, too.


March 10-12 – participation (with a statement) of LHRC secretary-executive A. Kuzmins in the hearings on the 3rd report of Latvia under International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights before the 110th session of the UN Human Rights Committee (Geneva).


March, 13 – LHRC co-chair V. Buzajevs represents, with a partial success, the NGO "Association against Nazism" before Administrative District Court in a case against Riga city authorities having imposed limitations on the picket applied for by anti-fascists.


March 15-16 – participation (with a speech) of LHRC secretary-executive A. Kuzmins in the international roundtable on the far-right activities in Europe (Riga).


March 14-16 – participation (with presenting a paper) of LHRC member A. Dimitrovs at the 21st International Conference of Europeanists (Washington DC).


Documents prepared by LHRC members include: joint NGO letters to the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities and President of Latvia concerning minority schools; information to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on implementation of ECtHR Grand Chamber judgment in case Andrejeva v. Latvia (won by LHRC jurists in 2009); comments on the list of issues on the 3rd report of Latvia under International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.



Our activities were covered, articles and interviews with our members were published on TV5, on the waves of Latvijas Radio 4, radio PIK and radio Baltkom, as well as in MK-Latviya and Telegraf weeklies, Latvijas Avize and Vesti Segodnya dailies and on news portals including delfi.lv , baltictimes.com , regnum.ru and gorod.lv.